Find and Replace in MS Word 2010

Find and Replace options can be found obscured in the Home tab >> Editing Group on the far right side Click the below image to seek the exact position.

Enabling Web-UI and Remote access in utorrent

A. To enable Web-UI 1. Select Options >> Preferences >> Advanced >>Web UI 2. -Select “Enable WebUI” option -Provide username and password -You can also provide alternative listener port(default is 8080) -Provide the ip addresses in the 4th red box if you want to grant access to certain ip addresses -click OK 3. Run >> ...

Enabling maximize-minimize buttons in Fedora 15

Problem: How to enable maximize and minimize button in Fedora 15 Solution: Add/Remove Software 2. Search for gconf-editor and Install it.(After installation click run.) 3. Navigate to desktop >> gnome >> shell >> windows >> button_layout 4. Double click the button_layout and in value field copy – “:minimize,maximize,close” (without quotes) 5. Log out and ...

Enabling line numbers in Eclipse TextEditor

Step 1: Select Window >> Preferences from Eclipse Menu Step 2: Under root category General select Text Editors sub category and check the ‘Show line numbers’ option Step 3: Keep Counting… ๐Ÿ™‚

Enabling Bluetooth Service in Fedora 15

Problem: In a freshly installed Fedora 15 bluetooth service in disabled by default – visiblity option is faded Solution: To enable the bluetooth service type following commands (on terminal) //this command will display the staus of the bluetooth service – inactive(dead) >systemctl status bluetooth.service //enable the bluetooth service >sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service //start the bluetooth ...

Enable Autocomplete option in Notepad++

Step 1: Menu Bar : Settings >>Preferences… Step 2: Choose “Backup/Auto-Completion” Tab and check “Enable auto-completion on each input” select “Word completion” . Step 3: Click “Close” button TADA!!!

Creating/converting executable files-iexpress

This Program is for converting your files to EXECUTABLE files click: start > run type: iexpress

Creating custom bullet style in MS word 1

Creating custom bullet style in MS word
To create your own custom style of bullets (MS Word 2010) follow the steps below: 1. Click on the arrow besides the “Bullets” button in Home tab, and find the Define New Bullet option there. 2. Clicking on this option would display a window like this: 3. Now you may choose to go with the ...

Miscellaneous Themes

1. Theme 1 Download from here: Screenshot 2. Theme 2 Download from here: Screenshot

Batman Themes

1. Batman Beyond Theme Download from here: Screenshot 2. Batman and a thief theme Download from here: Screenshot