Leetcode 1061: Lexicographically Smallest Equivalent String


You are given two strings of the same length s1 and s2 and a string baseStr. We say s1[i] and s2[i] are equivalent characters.

  • For example, if s1 = "abc" and s2 = "cde", then we have 'a' == 'c''b' == 'd', and 'c' == 'e'.

Equivalent characters follow the usual rules of any equivalence relation:

  • Reflexivity: 'a' == 'a'.
  • Symmetry: 'a' == 'b' implies 'b' == 'a'.
  • Transitivity: 'a' == 'b' and 'b' == 'c' implies 'a' == 'c'.

For example, given the equivalency information from s1 = "abc" and s2 = "cde""acd" and "aab" are equivalent strings of baseStr = "eed", and "aab" is the lexicographically smallest equivalent string of baseStr. Return the lexicographically smallest equivalent string of baseStr by using the equivalency information from s1 and s2.

Example 1:

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