Solved! Leetcode 734: Sentence Similarity

Sentence Similarity

We can represent a sentence as an array of words, for example, the sentence "I am happy with leetcode" can be represented as arr = ["I","am",happy","with","leetcode"].

Given two sentences sentence1 and sentence2 each represented as a string array and given an array of string pairs similarPairs where similarPairs[i] = [xi, yi] indicates that the two words xi and yi are similar.

Return true if sentence1 and sentence2 are similar, or false if they are not similar.

Two sentences are similar if:

  • They have the same length (i.e., the same number of words) sentence1[i] and sentence2[i] are similar.

  • Notice that a word is always similar to itself, also notice that the similarity relation is not transitive. For example, if the words a and b are similar, and the words b and c are similar, a and c are not necessarily similar.


Example 1:

Input: sentence1 = ["great","acting","skills"], sentence2 = ["fine","drama","talent"], similarPairs = [["great","fine"],["drama","acting"],["skills","talent"]]
Output: true
Explanation: The two sentences have the same length and each word i of sentence1 is also similar to the corresponding word in sentence2.

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