Make file for the Graph Simulator   /*net.make*/ net.out : net.o       g++ -o net.out net.o net.o : net.cpp help.h       g++ -c net.cpp clean :       rm *.o net.out


Description:          This program is Menu driven program for Creating/deleting inodes and connection in the Graphs.   Platform Used:      g++ (GNU C++, a freely redistributable C++ compiler).   /*net.cpp*/ #include #include "help.h" using namespace std; int main() { graph g; int x,choice,l, y,m,n,d,c;; static int count; do { choice=g.displaymenu(); switch(choice) { case 1:x=++count; g.adb(g.p,x); cout


  This is a sub page help code for Graph Simulator /*help.h*/ include using namespace std; struct node { int name; int cost; struct node *connect; struct node *next; //struct node *back; }; class graph { public: node* p; graph() { p = NULL; } int displaymenu(); void adb(struct node *q,int x); void display(struct node ...