Step by Step Guide: Launch and Connect to an AWS EC2 instance


Step 1. Sign in to AWS Management Console

Step 2. Launch an EC2 Instance with desired specifications

Click > Launch Instance

Step 3. Connect to an EC2 instance

Select EC2 Instance Connect option and click on Connect button

Step 4. Install an Apache Server on the instance

a. Switch to root user: 

b. Now run the updates using the following command:

c. Once completed, let’s install and run an Apache server

Install the Apache web server: 

d. Start the web server:

e. Now Enable httpd: 

f. Check the webserver status

Step 5. Create a web page and publish it on the instance

a. To add the contents into index.html file using echo, copy and paste the below command to shell.echo”

b. Restart the web server by using the following command: 

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